Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel

About Us - Your Cabana on the Lake!

Your little cabin in the Costa Rican woods! The Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel was founded by a Costa Rican family wishing to provide a great cozy place for people seeking an invigorating encounter with nature. It's time to detox from the every day grind! We provide individuals and groups affordable access to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Arenal Lake, mountains and surrounding rainforest. Set on the main road 142, all of our charming cabanas enjoy an enviable view of the lake only a few meters away. If you are about to embark on a trip to Arenal, set your eyes on "Your Cabana on the Arenal Lake". We'll make sure that you'll feel right at home.

It's always a pleasure to meet a new friend. - Milton Aguilar

398Species of Birds
10000Species of Plants
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It's All About YOU!

1. Awesome Service
It's our mission to spoil you! Any time you come over to visit Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel, it is our pleasure to have you over. Whether you are staying at the hotel or dining at the La Alondra Restaurant, we deliver top of the line service.
2. Tailored Just for You!
We know that YOU are a beautifully unique individual. We can't wait to get to know exactly what you have in mind to do on our trip. Adventure, relaxation, romantic, family, friends or just passing by, we'll make it perfect for you. We will be available to help tailor the trip of your dreams!
3. The Million Dollar View that's Affordable
Enjoy cozy and roomy private cabanas or the hostel at an amazing price! Enjoy amazing views from all of our accommodations at a fraction of the price that other hotels charge in the same area. Book your stay today!
4. Perfect Spot for Groups!
Planning a group outing, family reunion, event, party or missionary trip? We'll be more than happy to help you plan your stay or event with us! At Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel, we extend special group discounts and events coordination. Give us a holler!