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Arenal Free Chili-Guaro Shots Special

Who's in the Mood for Arenal FREE Chili-Guaro Shots!

IT'S THE HOLIDAYS & TIME FOR ARENAL FREE CHILI-GUARO SHOTS!  In Costa Rica, a great way to get in the holiday mood starts with downing a few of the ever popular chili-guaro shots.  Anyone who is everyone knows that you just can't vacation in Costa Rica without visiting Arenal.  YOU CANNOT VISIT ARENAL WITHOUT TRYING A CHILI-GUARO SHOT!  Whenever you are in the land of the Arenal Volcano, make sure you enjoy one!

Enjoy Toasting to the Best View in Arenal on Us!


HOW TO GET YOURS!  Arenal Free Chili-Guaro Shots Special!

WHEN: December 2016

WHERE: La Alondra Restaurant at Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel.


What on Earth is Chili-Guaro?

Chili-Guaro is called by some as the Tico Bloody Mary.  I beg to differ.  It's much better!  This is a little shot that goes down smoothly and packs quite a punch!  It's main ingredients are Guaro Cacique (Chief), a Costa Rican clear sugar cane rum with a spicy and tangy hot sauce.  Edwin, the operations manager of La Alondra prepares the shots himself and vows never to reveal the secret to why it's considered the unofficial "Best Chili Guaro of Arenal".

You'll Love Toasting to the Best View in Arenal!

6 Reasons to Drop By!

La Alondra Bar & Restaurant invites you to enjoy Arenal FREE Chili-Guaro Shots on Us!  Get to know why we're considered a "feel good, happy place" in the middle of beautiful Arenal!

  1. It's easy to get here!  We're conveniently located right on the main road only a few kilometers outside of Nuevo Arenal on the way to La Fortuna.
  2. You get one FREE Chili-Guaro Shot, no purchase necessary!
  3. You'll get Amazing Photographs!  Enjoy the most breathtaking view of Lake Arenal.
  4. You can Stay and Grab a Bite.  Excellent international cuisine at affordable rates! View Our Menu.
  5. We're Super Cool.  Our staff specializes in over the top service.
  6. If you Get to "Happy" You Can Always Crash at Our Place.  With prices starting from just $16 a night per person, you can afford to stay!  Take a peek at our lovely lake view cabanas at the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel!

La Alondra Restaurant is a place you have to experience.  We hope to see you here soon!


We're Right on the Main Road 142 that Runs Through La Fortuna towards Nuevo Arenal
Road 142 7.5 km SW from Nuevo Arenal, La Union
Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 50807


  • You get one Arenal Free Chili-Guaro Shot per person, no purchase necessary.  Once you have enjoyed one, you may purchase for each additional shot.
  • You must take a pic and tag either our facebook or instagram pages in order to receive the free shot. Please see instructions above.
  • You must be of at least 18 years of age and present a valid photo ID as proof.
  • We reserve the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time.
  • We reserve the right of admittance.
  • All other terms and conditions apply as per La Alondra Restaurant and Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel.

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