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Arenal Weekend Beer and Bocas Special – Enjoy a Free Boca!

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Arenal Weekend Beer and Bocas Special

Nothing Goes Better with a Cold Beer than a Traditional Costa Rican Boca.


The ALL NEW Arenal Weekend Beer and Bocas Special will take you down a savory lane of delightful bocas (Costa Rican appetizers) featuring a new Boca each weekend:

  • WHERE: La Alondra Bar - Restaurant - Steakhouse overlooking Lake Arenal.

  • WHEN:  Friday, Saturday & Sundays from 3 pm - 6 pm.

  • OFFER:  Get One FREE Boca with your first beer for Only 1000!  YUMMY!!!!  Want another Beer & Boca?  You may buy as many additional Arenal weekend beer and bocas as you wish.  For 1200 a pop, you get one beer and one boca. 

  • A NEW BOCA EACH WEEKEND! As the saying goes, "Variety is the Spice of Life".  Come by La Alondra every weekend to try out a new boca.

  • WHAT ON EARTH IS A BOCA?  A boca is short for "bocadillo", an appetizer.  In the past, it was a tradition of Costa Rican bars and pubs to offer bocas to their most frequent customers out of courtesy and to keep them coming back.  The most popular bars usually were the ones with the best tasting bocas!  Bocas come in a wide variety including small stews, finger foods or gallos (Costa Rican Tacos).  Get to try them all by dropping by each weekend!

Get to Know the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel

We're not just about Arenal Weekend beer and bocas...

Whether you live in Costa Rica or are just stopping by, you can't miss out on the ever famous La Alondra Restaurant Steakhouse and View Point.  We're right between the adventure town of La Fortuna and the Friendly town of Nuevo Arenal. 

The lovely land of the Arenal Volcano is rich in abundant nature, activities, friendly people and fun!  We're on the way to the beautiful Guanacaste beaches and only 40 minutes away from the Arenal Volcano National park.  If you are in Arenal over the weekend, don't forget to drop by our "little cabins in the Arenal woods", the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel. BOOK YOUR STAY VERY EASILY ONLINE!

If you are looking for Great Place in Arenal with Fun Vibes, head for the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel.  We've got the best Food, View, Cabins, Tours and Prices!

Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel: IT'S THE "IN" PLACE TO BE!

BOOK YOUR STAY at the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel!

The Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel invites you on over!  We welcome you to stay in any of our Deluxe Double Cabanas, our Family Triple Cabanas or our Hostel all Lake View!  Enjoy an amazing meal at our Alondra Bar & Restaurant for great prices. We're a "feel good, happy place" in the middle of beautiful Arenal!

  • Price:  We deliver the best quality for Outstanding prices!
  • The View:  It's one of the most popular places that people always want to stop at.  The view is above the top!
  • We're Friendly:  We welcome all with open arms from all over the world!
  • The Food:  We have a delicious variety of international cuisine.
  • Tours:  We have all types of tours for all types of ages and tastes!
  • We Accept Pets:  Yes, we are pet friendly!

The Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel is a place you just have to experience.  BOOK YOUR STAY TODAY!


We're Right on the Main Road 142 that Runs Through La Fortuna towards Nuevo Arenal
Road 142 10 km SW from the Nuevo Arenal Gymnasium, La Union
Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 50807

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