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10 Reasons Why Europeans LOVE Costa Rica

Reasons Why Europeans LOVE Costa Rica

This tiny Central American Country has a lot to offer its visitors; lush jungles, pristine beaches, impressive volcanoes and friendly people. This little-known gem should be at the top of your destination list for your next vacation! Here are just a few of the reasons why Europeans love Costa Rica!

10.  Convenience

Traveling to Costa Rica has never been easier or faster. Several airlines have direct flights to Costa Rica departing from different European cities like Madrid, London, Zurich, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, so, regardless of where you live in Europe, getting to this tropical paradise is easy.


9.  Weather

Another reason why Europeans love it here is the weather.  Costa Rica’s weather is nice and warm year-round with average yearly temperatures ranging from 21 to 27° Celsius and 12 hours of continuous sunshine a day. There are two distinct seasons, the dry season which runs from December to April with plenty of sun and the rainy season which spans from May to November, during the rainy season expect sunny mornings and rain showers in the afternoon.


8.  Its People

Costa Rica is among the happiest countries in the world! Costa Ricans are a fun peace loving people, who welcome foreigners from all over the world. Their national slogan also happens to be their preferred salutation, “Pura Vida” (pronounced poo-rah vee-dah), its translation means pure life, and symbolizes the Costar Rican laid back lifestyle. Europeans love Costa Rica because it's definitely pura vida!

7.  The Delicious Cuisine

Costa Rica has become a great destination for foodies, the variety of cuisines that can be enjoyed here are incredible. A lot of the restaurants have taken a fusion approach, combining typical Costa Rican flavors with international staples. But, you must try the traditional “Casado” consisting of a large platter with, rice, beans, salad, a choice of meat and the delicious fried ripe plantains… yum!  Don't forget about the wonderful array of Caribbean seafood delights.  The seventh reason why Europeans love Costa Rica is because of it's a genuine culinary satisfaction.

6.  Adventure

Prepare to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! You may find yourself zip lining over the lush canopy of the rain forest, on a ATV jungle ride, diving in the crystal-clear ocean waters, coming face to face with a puma during a jungle hike or splash through the untamed rivers in an exciting white water rafting tour.  You are guaranteed to have fun in Costa Rica. Just go with the flow and enjoy!


5.  Spectacular Beaches

Costa Rica borders both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, combined, both coastlines offer more than 1200 kilometers of shorelines and some 300 beaches, all of them beautiful in their own way. Here you can find all types of sand from soft powdery white sand to impressive midnight black sand. Some are full of life and others are deserted pieces of paradise, because of this, the beautiful Costa Rican beaches are one of the top reasons Europeans love Costa Rica.


4.  Wildlife

Although Costa Rica’s land surface equals only 0.03% of Earth’s surface, there are over 500,000 species living in it, this represents 4% of the planet’s total biodiversity. More than 25% of the territory is protected in some way to shelter this biodiversity. It’s common to spot monkeys, sloths, colorful birds, butterflies, and even the occasional puma, jaguar and tapir while trekking the country.


3.  Tropical Forests

Europeans love Costa Rica's magical forests. Possessing a unique geography, Costa Rica has many ecosystems within its borders, including tropical rainforests, cloud forest, lowland rainforest, tropical dry forest, mangroves and riparian forests. You can go from one ecosystem to another in just a few hours, and each offers an unforgettable experience.

2.  Towering Volcanoes

Costa Rica is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and more than 200 volcanoes have been identified, although only a handful of them are active. Each volcano is different, the Poas is covered in lush vegetation, the Irazu is cold and barren with spectacular views of the Central Valley; but the most famous Volcano in the country is the impressive Arenal, with its traditional conical shape that can be seen miles away.

1.  Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel

This enchanting lake front boutique hotel is not just beautiful, it is also affordable! Featuring amazing views of Lake Arenal, the rustic, charming private cabins are the perfect place to relax and enjoy life and the many activities Arenal has to offer. The onsite restaurant serves delicious meals and wonderful cocktails; the service is impeccable and best of all they treat you like family, making this the top reason why Europeans love Costa Rica!

Bring Your Country's Flag & Get a FREE Cocktail!

At the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel we welcome guest from all over the world.  All customers staying at our hotel or the Alondra Restaurant who bring their country's flag get a free cocktail! The best flags get to stay in our "Flag Garden".



  • Choose Your Lake View Cabana:  Deluxe, Family or King.  All enjoy a fabulous view of the spectacular Arenal Lake, garden and surrounding nature. 

  • Choose the number of adults, children and number of rooms.  Then select BOOK NOW.

  • We accept:  Paypal, Debit / Credit Cards (Visa & MasterCard)


We'll be happy to assist you with your reservation.  Simply Contact or CALL +(506) 2692-8100  with:

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  • What activities would you like to do?  We offer Tours, Car Rental, Airport Pick up and much more!


Get to Know the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel

Get to Know Our Lovely La Alondra Restaurant...

Whether you live in Costa Rica or are just stopping by, you can't miss out on the ever famous La Alondra Restaurant Steakhouse and View Point.  We're right between the adventure town of La Fortuna and the Friendly town of Nuevo Arenal. 

The lovely land of the Arenal Volcano is rich in abundant nature, activities, friendly people and fun!  We're on the way to the beautiful Guanacaste beaches and only 40 minutes away from the Arenal Volcano National park.  If you are in Arenal over the weekend, don't forget to drop by our "little cabins in the Arenal woods", the Arenal Volcano Lake Hotel. BOOK YOUR STAY VERY EASILY ONLINE!

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We're Right on the Main Road 142 that Runs Through La Fortuna towards Nuevo Arenal
Road 142 10 km SE from the Nuevo Arenal Gymnasium, La Union
Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 50807

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